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Spørsmål og svar

Vi arbeider kontinuerlig med å legge ut relevant informasjon på nettsidene våre, men vi er de første til å innrømme at det fortsatt er lenge til alle eventuelle spørsmål er besvart. Hvis du har lett  over alt på nettsidene våre, men fortsatt ikke har funnet informasjonen du leter etter, har du fortsatt sjansen her. Nedenfor finner du spørsmål som våre kunder ofte har stilt oss. Forhåpentligvis finner også du det du lurer på her.

Kontakt oss på Maileller ring +47 74 07 30 00 hvis du ikke finner svaret ditt her.




- Yes, we are glad to help you book a rental car with no extra costs. When you rent a car through Din Tur, you always get unlimited driving distance and ensurances. If picking your car up on an airport, please let us know your time of arrival, departure and flightnumber. Hiring a car through Din Tur is only possible contacting us directly on phone or e-mail.



- We know Norway very well, and we are often able to fix quite economic flights to our destinations. Booking flights may be time consuming though, so Din Tur will put a 10% commission on top of the flight companies price. To save your money, we therefore recommend you to book the flights yourself. Most airports are accessed by SAS ( or Norwegian ( The costs of flights fluctuates from day to day and from hour to hour, so our offer may vary from one day to another. If you are flexible due to day of arrival and departure, it is often possible to save a significant amount of money. Even if booking a flight tickets through Din Tur, you are still the client of the flight company. Booking flights through Din Tur is only possible by contacting us directly on phone or by e-mail. Please inform us about prefered date, prefered airport of departure and arrival, and full name of all passengers as written your passports.

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