Terje Kolaas

Område: Midt-Norge (Trøndelag / Trondheim-area), Dovrefjell, Varanger and Pasvik
Sesong: Hele året.

Terje Kolaas lives in Levanger close to Trondheim and has been an active bird watcher, ringer and photographer since 1989. He is educated as a nature conservationist and supervisor. Besides guiding, he currently works with the birdwatching products for Din Tur and he teaches bird identification at Nord-Trøndelag University College. He also runs the birding tour company, Northern Birding, in addition to being the county chairman of the Norwegian Ornithological Society in Nord-Trøndelag and a member of the regional rarity commite. Since 2000 Terje has been involved in a genetics project under the direction of NTNU (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology) studying house sparrow metapopulations on islands along the coast of Helgeland in Nordland County. In 2011 Terje published the book "Flyktige motiver - the Bird photographers A-B-C" - the first book ever in norwegian covering bird photography as a spesific genra.

In addition to travelling back and forth in Norway, Terje the past few years has visited several other countries searching for birds, including USA, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Seychelles, Gambia, Spain (annually) Croatia, Switzerland, Estonia, Portugal and Turkey.

Check terjekolaas.com for Terje`s photos.

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