Børgefjell, Røyrvik and Lierne

Lokasjon: Mid-Norway
Sesong: March - September
Børgefjell, Røyrvik and Lierne is situated 200 km north of Trondheim and can offer an amazing collection of high alpine as well as eastern boreal bird species. This is the place to go if you wish to focus on the typical inland birds of Scandinavia. Even Snowy Owls breed here some years!

In Nord-Trøndelag county the national border makes an eastward bend into Sweden, incorporating an area known as Lierne. This is a vast and remote wilderness with wooded valleys and high mountains, host to two nationalparks, Lierne and Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella, both primarily covering the montane areas. However, it is particularly the woodlands that makes Lierne of special interest to birwatchers. Here you have good populations of grouses, owls and raptors, besides Siberian Jay and Pine Grosbeak. It is also a place where Ural and Great Grey Owl breed in years with good rodent populations along with the more common Hawk-, Pygmy and Tengmalm`s Owls. The rivers in the area runs east and empties in the Bothnian Bay in Sweden. This gives an eastern touch to the avifauna and a chance to find birds which have a more northerly distribution in Sweden than they have in Norway such as Osprey, Hobby, Honey-buzzard, Buzzard, Mistle Thrush, Wood Warbler and Rustic Bunting.

børgefjell-april-21,-20108483.jpg børgefjell-april-21,-20108620.jpg børgefjell-juni-10,-20116493.jpg
Hawk Owl Capercaillie
Pygmy Owl

March and April is the best season for calling owls. April and May is excellent for displaying Black Grouse and Capercaillie. May to July has the greatest diversity, including the fantastic mountains of Stekenjokk into Sweden where among others Snowy Owls breed in good years. Even if winters are hard in this area, some of the species, such as the grouses, woodpeckers and passerines such as Siberian Jay, can be found year-round.

In May the Børgefjell mountains are still covered with snow, but from early June big numbers of mountain species gather at bare spots of rock and along the roads. An early morning or late evenign drive here may turn out to be one of the best moments in a birders career. Willow Grouse and Rock Ptarmigan are both common and can be photographed from your car. Lapland Bunting and Bluethroat are the most common passerines. Long-tailed Skuas hunt for lemmings along with Short-eared Owls and Hen Harriers and occasionaly Snowy Owls! Temmincks Stint, Dunlin, Red-necked Phalarope, Dotterel, Whimbrel, Wood Sandpiper, Ruff and Golden Plover are all common breeders. This is also one of very few places in Scandinavia where you can watch the remarkable display of the Broad-billed Sandpiper from your car window.

The huge lakes of the area hosts Red- and Black-throated Divers as well as Slavonian Grebes, Common and Velvet Scoters and Long-tailed Ducks. The rare Taiga Bean Goose gather in good numbers near Røyrvik in May.


børgefjell-mai-28,-20136003196.jpg børgefjell-juli-25,-20111020658.jpg børgefjell-mai-06,-20100688.jpg
Bluethroat Snowy Owl
Hazel Grouse



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Whooper Swan,Long-tailed Duck, Common Scoter,Velvet Scoter, Hazel Grouse, WillowPtarmigan, Rock Ptarmigan, BlackGrouse, Capercaillie, Red-throatedDiver, Black-throated Diver, SlavonianGrebe, Honey-buzzard (uncommon),Hen Harrier, Goshawk, Golden Eagle, Osprey, Hobby (scarce), Gyr Falcon, Crane, Dotterel, Great Snipe, Whimbrel, Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper, Temminck's Stint, Purple Sandpiper, Ruff, Red-necked Phalarope, Long-tailed Skua, Arctic Tern, Hawk Owl, Long-eared Owl, Short-eared Owl, Tengmalm's Owl, Ural Owl, Snowy Owl, Wryneck,Three-toed Woodpecker, Shore Lark,Yellow Wagtail, Grey Wagtail, Dipper,Bluethroat, Redstart, Ring Ouzel, MistleThrush, Icterine Warbler, Wood Warbler(uncommon), Siberian Tit (unreliable),Great Grey Shrike, Siberian Jay, Pine Grosbeak, Lapland Bunting, Snow Bunting and Rustic Bunting (uncommon).


A week is hardly enough time to enjoy all the fascinating bird species and beautiful fauna in this area. There are many exciting places that can offer the perfect shot for you. Here are some suggestions for activities at this destination:

March - April: Check bird feeders for Siberian Jay, Bullfinch, Grey-headed Woodpeckers or Redpolls among others. Drive around and listen for Pygmy-, Tengmalm`s-, Hawk- , Ural- and Great Grey Owls at night

April - May: Black Grouse and Capercaillies start their lekking already in early April. Drive up one of the many mountain tracks or book a photo hide in the area to enjoy this magnificent scenario.

May - July: Follow our self guiding system for a week. Spend extra time up in the high mountains.

June: This is the high season for photographers. Drive around at early mornings and late evenings and the best birds will show up along the road.

July - August: Still hectic breeding up in the mountains. The forests team of young birds!

20120603-_DSC6399.jpg 20120604-_DSC7855.jpg orrfugl-levanger-mai09-terjekolaas.jpg
Arctic Hare
Willow Grouse
Black Grouse



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Closest international airport is Trondheim airport, Værnes app 200 km south.



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